Do you want to join our team and become part of the THS MAIN family? We have great news! Our association is open to every student in Stochkolm, it is obviously free of charge and it is also very very easy to join! You only need to attend one of our Members’ Meeting! You can check when next one will be in our events page and if we still didn’t schedule one soon, you can contact us via Instagram, Facebook or writing an email to asking for it!

What do you get?

Being a THS MAIN Member (or MAINee) means that you can help out during our events or even in the organization of them, you will be able to attend our team-building activities, and you will get to vote for the next Board during our Election Meetings!


At KTH, most Chapters and some association have an overall associated to them, each with a different color.

Our color is a an aMAINzing Blue. Typically, you should sew on it all the patches you will collect during events and/or your stay in Sweden, as well as your name, but you can really personalize however you prefer!

How do I get one?

We will sell overall during our Members’ Meetings. You can check when next one will be in our events page and if we still didn’t schedule one soon, you can contact us via Instagram, Facebook or writing an email to and tell us you would like to purchase one!

The price is usually between 400-500 SEK.

Squad and Committee

Behind each of our events there is a team made of Event Manager(s), a Committee and a Squad!

What is a Committee?

The Committee, together with the Event Manager, is in charge of organizing the event from the earliest stages till the actual day of the event!

What is a Squad?

The Squad can be considered the engine of the events, people who are not in change of organizing but only help out during the day of the event to make it become reality.

Standing Committees

A standing committee is a group of people that fulfills a specific goal of the association and/or takes care of recurrent specific tasks.

They are called “standing“ because, differently from the event committees, which take care of organizing an event and get dismissed, these committees can work for the full semester or academic year on their task.

💙 Marketing Committee

💙 Sustainability Committee

💙 Teambuilding Committee

💙 Board Games Committee

THS International

THS MAIN is an association under the Head of Social and International Relations at THS. This position is also responsible for two other organizations aimed at improving social and international relations at THS/KTH. They serve as our main partner organizations.

The THS International Reception is a project led by student volunteers for new masters’ and international KTH students whose goal is to give a warm welcome to new students. The THS International Reception occurs twice per year, once in spring and the other time in autumn. Spring Reception starts in mid-January, ending two weeks later, whereas Autumn Reception usually starts in the beginning of August and lasts for five weeks. More information can be found on the THS International Facebook page or on their website

THS Sports is a multi-sport association with the goal of encouraging playing sports and competing on campus. In the past, there have been squash, badminton, floorball, volleyball, basketball, and football tournaments! More information can be found on the THS Sports Facebook page.

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